Dr. Michael Starr

Rheumatologist, Montréal, QC

Rheumatologist, MUHC, Montreal General Hospital
Dr. Michael Starr is a Member of the Division of Rheumatology at the MUHC in Montreal, Canada. He is the previous Program Director for Rheumatology training at Mcgill University, and continues to be involved in teaching and a frequent lecturer for a variety of CHE programs in rheumatology locally and nationally
He has been involved in many therapeutic clinical trials in the area of Inflammatory Arthritis, and has many articles and publications.He is the co-director of the Mcgill SpA (Spondyloarthritis ) Clinic, and a member of SPAARC (Spondyloarthritis Research Consortium of Canada).He also has recently published a book on the role of diet and nutrition for arthritis patients.
In addition, he is the Rheumatology Editor for the Canadian Journal of Diagnosis, and is the Regional Director of the Patient Partner Program in Arthritis in Montreal.

3:15 PM - 3:45 PM

FRI Apr 19

Going Beyond Skin Clearance in Psoriasis – New Tools to Tackle PsO and PsA

A dermatologist and a rheumatologist will jointly present this interactive, data-driven session. The aim is to educate the audience on the available options to treat PsA and PsO, provide specialty-specific viewpoints on patient evaluation and treatment, and discuss how dermatologists and rheumatologists can collaborate and share knowledge. A variety of patient cases will be presented to anchor the data and provide relevant real-life examples and key takeaways will offer a clear and concise summary for the audience to reflect on and take back to their practice. A short question period will wrap up the session.


Learning Objectives
Support dermatologists’ understanding of:

  1. The latest guidelines for treating PsA in patients with PsO
  2. Where new medications fit in to current practice
  3. How dermatologists and rheumatologists can learn from each other and improve treatment for patients with PsA/PsO

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