Charly Piwko

Pharmacologist, Thornhill, ON

Charles holds a Pharmacy degree and a PhD in Pharmacology. He completed a MSc in Health Administration (Health Economics) at the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto from 2002-2005.

Since 2005 Charles has been responsible for managing teams and delivering health economic-related research projects. Prior to that he was the Manager of “Pharmacy 12” in Zurich (1996-2001).  He also held a position in the Department of Pre-clinical CNS-Pharmacology (oncology project) at Novartis in Basel, Switzerland in association with the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.

Through his career and studies, Charles has gained the ability to perform critical and objective interpretations of scientific and commercial information. In addition to his research activities, Charles is interested in natural treatments and started providing Canadians with amazing, Swiss made, natural products.