Dermatology Update 2017 Fall



LEO Innovation Lab: Reframing innovation in Big Pharma

We understand the importance of developing new treatments for skin diseases. But how can we help patients outside the realm of pharmaceutical drug development?

In 2015, LEO Pharma invested ~$100M in creating the LEO Innovation Lab, focused on building and investing in digital health solutions to help improve the lives of people suffering from chronic skin conditions. Having selected Canada as one of three pilot countries, the “LEOiLab” focuses on pains in the patient journey, areas like stress, mental health, medication adherence, imaging technologies, access to the right treatment and care, and other areas impacting the lives of patients “beyond the pill”.

Over the past 18 months, the LEOiLab has built a pipeline of 8 digital solutions; 5 in incubator status and 3 in acceleration, and invested in five start-ups; and is now partnering with patients, dermatologists and healthcare organizations to pilot, test and refine to ensure the best patient outcomes.

One such solution is a remote follow-up and patient self-management tool called InTouch. With the overarching goal of improving access to care and enhancing treatment outcomes, InTouch aims to help dermatologists see more new patients in need of care, reduce the duration of follow-up appointments, and help patients better adhere to their treatment and feel more empowered and engaged.

Interested in joining the LEOiLab community and learning more about InTouch? Speak to Andrew after his presentation.


Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Business Development Manager, Canada

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