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Sun Pharma entered the Canadian market in 2015 with the purchase of Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, a Top 10 generic company in Canada since 2005. Sun Pharma is a world leader in branded and generic drugs and we are now well positioned to be an even larger contributor to the Canadian healthcare landscape.

With global manufacturing across six continents, we are investing in Canada by bringing high quality, affordable and innovative medicines to market. Our global strength in R&D with an unwavering commitment to quality ensures Sun Pharma will offer a wide range of affordable medicines for Canadians.

Taro Pharmaceuticals is the exclusive distributor of our specialty and generic products in Canada.

We feel the strength of our global Sun Pharma capabilities together with Taro Pharmaceutical’s 30-year commitment to Canadian manufacturing and distribution creates a unique pharmaceutical partner for our Canadian customers. It is our continued goal to provide our customers and partners with high quality products and exceptional customer service.
We look forward to many more years of providing Canadians with high-quality and affordable medicines.

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