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Homeocan, canadian leader in the manufacturing and the distribution of natural helath products.

In 27 years, Homeocan has become an industry leader in the field of natural products. Founded by Michèle Boisvert and headquarted in Montréal, Homeocan serves over 10 000 customers in 16 countries. In the USA and outside Canada, Homeocan is represented by Homeolab USA.

With its 50 employees and 30 000 square meters of premises, Homeocan offers more than 200 prime quality natural products manufactured in strict accordance with Health Canada. Homeocan alternative solutions include essential oils, trace elements, natural supplements, plant extracts, homeopathic solutions, and hygiene and beauty care products.

Homecan manufactures and distributes natural solutions, that answer to the particular needs of anyone: women, men, babies, kids, seniors, and even pets.