Arcutis Biotherapeutics champions innovation that addresses unmet patient needs—solving the everyday medical dermatology challenges that significantly impact patients and their families. With a passion for understanding what really matters to patients and healthcare providers, Arcutis leverages extensive dermatology development expertise to meaningfully advance the treatment of immune-mediated skin diseases.

This expertise, along with Arcutis’ focus on biologically validated targets and its unique dermatology drug development platform prepares the company to tackle topical treatment innovation. Founded in 2016 by a leadership team with deep dermatology and commercialization experience—including 50+ FDA-approved products among them—Arcutis features 8 dermatology clinicians on staff.

With the belief that patients deserve better than the current standard of care, the Arcutis team brings a sense of urgency, simplifying disease management and optimizing drug efficacy, safety, and tolerability to meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients.

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