Dr. Vimal Prajapati

Dermatologist, Calgary, AB

Dr. Prajapati completed his dermatology residency at the University of Alberta, earning certification in both Canada and the United States. He then pursued an additional 1-year fellowship in pediatric dermatology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Prajapati has received 20 major awards; authored 1 textbook chapter; published 43 peer-reviewed manuscripts in print or electronic format; and presented 48 abstracts at scientific meetings regionally, nationally, as well as internationally. He also conducts clinical trials for both adults and children, with participation in 69 studies as an investigator or steering committee member.

Dr. Prajapati is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary as well as co-founder and co-director of Skin Health & Wellness Centre, Dermphi Centre, and Dermatology Research Institute. Additionally, he has started several subspecialty initiatives, including multidisciplinary pediatric morphea, pediatric scleroderma, and pediatric psoriasis clinics in Calgary as well as rapid access psoriasis and rapid access eczema clinics in Calgary plus rural outreach psoriasis and rural outreach eczema clinics Medicine Hat.

10:50 AM - 11:20 AM

NOV 4 (Sat)

PASI or PLAY: Exploring the correlation between PASI score and patient satisfaction in a clinical setting

Session objectives:
After attending this program, attendees will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the correlation between PASI score and patient satisfaction/quality-of-life in the clinical setting
  2. Discuss how different factors influence treatment decisions in the management of psoriasis

Session description:
There are limited data investigating the correlation between PASI score and patient satisfaction and quality of life. In this session, Dr. Perla Lansang will present a patient case and explore potential relationships between these factors through a panel discussion with Dr. Perry Grewal and Dr. Vimal Prajapati. The session will involve audience participation throughout the session with polling questions, and conclude with an opportunity for the audience to pose questions and/or provide their insights.