Dr. Vimal Prajapati

Dermatologist, Calgary, AB

Dr. Prajapati completed his dermatology residency at the University of Alberta, earning certification in both Canada and the United States. He then pursued an additional 1-year fellowship in pediatric dermatology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Prajapati has received 20 major awards; authored 1 textbook chapter; published 43 peer-reviewed manuscripts in print or electronic format; and presented 48 abstracts at scientific meetings regionally, nationally, as well as internationally. He also conducts clinical trials for both adults and children, with participation in 69 studies as an investigator or steering committee member.

Dr. Prajapati is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary as well as co-founder and co-director of Skin Health & Wellness Centre, Dermphi Centre, and Dermatology Research Institute. Additionally, he has started several subspecialty initiatives, including multidisciplinary pediatric morphea, pediatric scleroderma, and pediatric psoriasis clinics in Calgary as well as rapid access psoriasis and rapid access eczema clinics in Calgary plus rural outreach psoriasis and rural outreach eczema clinics Medicine Hat.

12:15 PM - 2:15 PM Incyte Advisory Board

Friday NOV 25, 2022

Advancing Standard of Care in Vitiligo and Atopic Dermatitis

3:20 PM – 3:50 PM Novartis Open Presentation

Friday APR 8, 2022

Beyond the Skin: The Feasibility and Value of Systematic Screening for Psoriatic Arthritis

Dermatologists are the gatekeeper to identifying patients with early signs of PsA. However, many dermatologists do not routinely consider screening for possible signs and symptoms of psoriatic arthritis – a common psoriasis comorbidity that causes irreversible joint damage and aggravates co-morbidities.


The data from Phase 1 of the PsA Screening Project will be presented. In an initial assessment survey of 52 Canadian dermatologists, only 17% will screen their moderate-to-severe psoriasis patients for psoriatic arthritis at every follow-up visit. When screening for PsA, only 9% of respondents rely on a validated screening questionnaire. When PsA is suspected, over 50% of dermatologists will refer to a rheumatologist reflecting a need for greater comfort in managing PsA patients in dermatology practice and when appropriate, initiating a referral to rheumatologist. The PsA Screening Project had dermatologists from across the country screen patients using 3 different tools, to establish which tool type was preferred, and what barriers exist that prevent them from adequately screening.


Session Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the impact of frequent screening for PsA on early detection
  • Demonstrate the value of using a standardized screening tool for PsA in dermatology practice
  • Consider best practices for implementation of systematic screening to improve patient outcomes
10:40 AM - 11:00 AM Arcutis Open Presentation

Saturday APR 9, 2022

Innovations in Topical Therapy: The Role of Vehicle in Treatment Decisions

This session will present audience members with a brief overview around the importance of vehicle formulation in immunodermatologic treatment. The content of the session will focus on current topical therapies as well potential future vehicle formulations while considering the clinical implications of the differences between various vehicle formulations. The session will consider the role of vehicle formulation across different regions of the body and examine factors that may influence patient adherence to therapy.



  • To discuss the importance of vehicle in immunodermatologic treatment
  • To examine opportunities for advancements with current topical therapies
  • To consider potential future vehicle formulation(s)
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM Sun Pharma Ad Board

Saturday APR 9, 2022

SUNny Days are with you

10:30 AM - 3:30 PM Boehringer Ingelheim Advisory Board

Sunday NOV 27, 2022

Boehringer Ingelheim Advisory Board