Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis

Dermatologist, Regina, SK

Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis is a dermatologist and clinician researcher based in western Canada (her hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan). She is the founder of Origins Dermatology Centre, a combined multidisciplinary model that services both the general population and provides outreach clinics (in-person and virtual care) for underserviced remote and rural Indigenous (First Nations and Metis) communities. Rachel is of Plains Cree, Saulteaux and English background. She carries a Master’s of Science in Health Sciences in clinical and translational research and has special interest in common inflammatory dermatoses (atopic dermatitis, psoriasis), virtual care, underserviced areas, holistic impact of skin disease, medical education, and translational interpretation and implementation of research with the ultimate goal of tangible health outcomes. She currently has active educational and research projects ongoing in the areas of inflammatory skin disease, virtual care, and Indigenous and rural health in western Canada.

3:50 PM - 4:20 PM

FRI Apr 19

Addressing Racial/Ethnic Variations in atopic dermatitis and the role of skincare in improving outcomes

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand skin barrier differences in various racial/ethnic Canadian populations according to the consensus from Canada’s leading ethnodermatology experts
  2. Discuss racial/ethnic variations in atopic dermatitis
  3. Discuss the relevance of skincare containing ceramides in various racial/ethnic Canadian populations
  4. Demonstrate the role of skincare containing ceramides in the management of atopic dermatitis in various racial/ethnic Canadian populations