Dr. Melinda Gooderham

Dermatologist, Peterborough, ON

Dr. Gooderham is a Dermatologist and Medical Director at the SKiN Centre for Dermatology and an Investigator with Probity Medical Research. She is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University and a Consultant Physician at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. She is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. She received her MD from the University of Western Ontario in 1999, and then completed her Dermatology residency at the University of Toronto in 2004. Prior to training in medicine, Dr. Gooderham obtained a Bachelor of Science from Queen’s University in Kingston in 1992, and a Masters of Science from the University of Guelph in 1995.

Dr. Gooderham is actively involved in teaching medical students, residents, nurse practitioners and physicians both with didactic and clinical hands-on teaching. She practices with a focus on psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, skin cancer and clinical research. She also contributes to several peer-reviewed dermatology publications as an author and reviewer.

Plenary Session 1: 10:35 AM - 10:55 AM

NOV 2 (Thu)

What’s Next in Psoriasis Therapy

The lecture titled "What's Next in Psoriasis Therapy" delves into advancements in the treatment of psoriasis. It explores the promising prospects of two new topical therapies, recently approved rolflumilast, and soon to be approved, tapinarof, which exhibit remarkable efficacy in managing plaque psoriasis. Additionally, the lecture highlights ongoing research into oral TYK2 inhibitors, showcasing their potential as a game-changing approach for psoriasis management. By shedding light on these innovative treatments, the lecture provides valuable insights into the future of psoriasis therapy, offering hope for improved quality of life and relief for those affected by this chronic skin condition beyond biologics.

Plenary Session 1: 11:15 AM - 11:25 AM

NOV 2 (Thu)

Q & A

1:05 PM - 1:55 PM

NOV 3 (Fri)

Seb D or Not to B? That is the Clinical Question


  1. Analyze and review the current understanding of the pathogenesis involved in seborrheic dermatitis
  2. Discuss the heterogenous clinical presentations of seborrheic dermatitis and other similar inflammatory/pruritic skin conditions
  3. Examine the benefits and challenges of current treatment options for seborrheic dermatitis and explore future treatment options

Summary Description: Join us on a Shakespearean exploration where the many facets of seborrheic dermatitis will be brought to the stage. In the opening act, our expert moderator/director, Dr. Sam (Hamlet) Hanna, will review our present understanding on the multifactorial pathogenesis of this common chronic inflammatory condition. In the following acts, our expert speakers, Dr. Melinda Gooderham, Dr. Daniel Wong, and Dr. Geeta Yadav, will discuss varying clinical points of perspective on the commonalities and differences between seborrheic dermatitis and other inflammatory/pruritic skin conditions with respect to the pathophysiology and clinical presentations. This open session will also examine the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of current topical treatments. The final act will explore new developments in topical treatment for seborrheic dermatitis. Those in attendance at the theatre will gain a better understanding of the treatment strategies and unmet needs in the management of patients with this common chronic inflammatory dermatosis.