Dr. Jaggi Rao

Dermatologist, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Jaggi Rao is a board-certified dermatologist licensed in both Canada and the United States. He is also a certified cosmetic and laser surgeon, having completed an accredited fellowship in 2004 with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in southern California. Dr. Rao has a very busy and popular practice in the Alberta DermaSurgery Centre. Located in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Dr. Rao specializes in medical, aesthetic, surgical and research dermatology.

Dr. Rao serves as a Clinical Professor of Medicine and was a previous Dermatology Residency Program Director at the University of Alberta. In 2007, he created ConsultDERM™, a very popular and successful teledermatology platform that continues to help physicians and patients in several Canadian provinces and territories. He has also founded Telederm Outreach, a philanthropic remote dermatology service to provide assistance to third-world countries.

Dr. Rao is the visionary and co-founder of DermaCon™ Day of Dermatology for Healthcare Professionals, Canada’s largest dermatology conference for family practitioners and pharmacists. He is also a resource for industry, delivering dozens of lectures every year at local, national and international meetings, and serving on speakers’ bureaus and advisory boards.

Dr. Rao currently conducts over 15 industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated clinical trials.

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

NOV 2 (Thu)

Visualizing Skin Health: Navigating The State of Dermatoimaging in 2023

In this presentation, two teledermatology experts will give a thorough overview of Dermatoimaging. They will cover its techniques, advanced methods, best practices, and how artificial intelligence and machine learning are being used to deploy and assess skin images. The speakers will explain how these technologies aid in image analysis, diagnosis, and pattern recognition, ultimately enhancing clinical decision-making. Additionally, they will discuss the innovative applications of Dermatoimaging, such as monitoring treatment progress, teledermatology, and data-driven research advancements.

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