Ines Benassou

CeraVe Canada

Ines Benassou is the Medical Communications Manager for CeraVe Canada. She has completed a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology from Sherbrooke University and published articles in cancer research and neuroimmune disorders.

Ms Benassou actively works to bring forth the ‘therapeutic skincare for all’ mission of CeraVe by developing more inclusive educational content, working in close collaboration with Canadian dermatologists

10:35 AM - 11:05 AM CeraVe Open Presentation

Saturday NOV 13, 2021

Racial/Ethnic Variations in Acne and the Role of Adjunct Skin Care

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Racial/ethnic differences in the clinical presentation, sequelae, and desired treatment outcomes for acne have been reported. Notwithstanding limitations in the number, size, and methodologies of studies to date, the available data suggest that strategies to improve outcomes in acne patients with SOC include: Early initiation and maintenance of treatment regimens and careful consideration of tolerability of active ingredients, vehicles and dosing. Using pH balanced, non-irritating cleansers and non-comedogenic moisturizers to minimize irritation or dryness.


  • Better understand the differences in acne when comparing different ethnicities;
  • Discuss the challenges in treating acne in the skin of color patient;
  • Review the therapeutic options in treating acne in skin of color;
  • Discuss the role of moisturizers & cleansers in treating acne in skin of color;
  • Explore moisturizer & cleanser ingredients offering insights into the specific role of common key ingredients in moisturizer formulations