Dr. Gurbir Dhadwal

Dermatologist, Surrey, BC

Dr. Gurbir Dhadwal MD FRCPC
Dr. Dhadwal is a Dermatologist at Guildford Dermatology in Surrey, BC, at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC, and at Whitehorse General Hospital in Whitehorse, YT. He is involved in clinical trials and has been an investigator on over 100 clinical trials. He is also involved in teaching medical students and dermatology residents.

11:25 AM - 12:15 PM

SAT Apr 29

Let's Play Jeopardy - GPP edition


  1. Recognize GPP as a distinct disease from plaque psoriasis, with distinct clinical features (Scholar, Health Advocate)
  2. Appreciate the severity of GPP flares and their impact on quality of life (Health Advocate, Communicator)
  3. Review current treatment approaches for GPP (Medical Expert, Professional)

An interactive learning program where dermatology contestants from across Canada will have the opportunity to test their GPP knowledge. Jeopardy will be hosted by Dr. Gurbir Dhadwal and dermatologists players from the East, West and Ontario will be competing for the title of "Champion - Jeopardy GPP Edition". The audience will be invited to play as well. Join us at this interactive session with the goal of having some fun while learning more about different perspectives and insights around GPP.