Dr. Zaki Taher

Dermatologist, Edmonton, AB

Dr. Zaki Taher is a Board-Certified Dermatologist and is the founder of Lucere Dermatology & Laser Clinics, specializing in Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology services. Dr. Taher completed his Dermatology residency at the University of Alberta and went on to complete a Laser Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology Fellowship at the University of Ottawa. His areas of special interest include general medical dermatology, precancers and skin cancer management, along with medical and cosmetic applications of lasers in cutaneous surgery and rejuvenation.

Dr. Taher is frequently invited to speak nationally and teach on advanced neuromodulator and filler injection techniques as well as laser and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Taher is one of seven physicians across Canada who were selected to teach master injection techniques using the MD Codes Approach on a national scale. He is well known for his comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Taher is also an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta. He is certified in hair transplant surgery and is involved in clinical trials. Dr. Taher’s areas of research interest include vascular lesions, pigmentation, and malignant & premalignant cancer management.

3:10 PM - 3:40 PM J&J Neutrogena Open Presentation

Saturday APR 9, 2022

The Dynamic Skin Barrier and Why Formulation Matters

When you think of the skin what comes to mind? What active ingredients do you recommend to support your patients skin health? The skin barrier proactively works to protect the skin's moisture balance and integrity through several integrated functions. This webinar evolves the skin barrier conversation beyond a brick-and-mortar structure to the sophisticated and complex Dynamic Skin Barrier while reviewing evidence-based ingredient science that matters to you and your patients.


Objectives(s) of the session:

  • Evaluate the skin barrier as a dynamic sophisticated structure
  • Analyze the research on products, ingredients and technologies that are gentle, effective and support the dynamic skin barrier
  • Describe criteria to consider when making product, ingredient, regimen recommendations to patients