Dr. Malika Ladha

Dermatologist, Toronto, ON

Malika Ladha MD FRCPC FAAD
Dr. Malika Ladha is double board-certified dermatologist in Canada and the USA. She also completed Canada’s only official and prestigious clinical fellowship in Laser Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology at the University of Toronto. Dr. Ladha practices cosmetic and medical dermatology in Toronto, ON. She has a focus on skin of colour. She is actively involved in the Canadian Dermatology Association and ASLMS.

3:55 PM - 4:25 PM

NOV 3 (Fri)

The Dynamic Skin Barrier: Cleanse, Moisturize, Treat & Protect

When you think of the skin what comes to mind? What active ingredients do you recommend to support your patients skin health? The skin barrier proactively works to protect the skin's moisture balance and integrity through several integrated functions. This evolves the skin barrier conversation beyond a brick-and-mortar structure to the sophisticated and complex Dynamic Skin Barrier while reviewing evidence-based ingredient science that matters to you and your patients.