Dr. Ivan Litvinov

Dermatologist, Montreal, QC

Dr. Ivan V. Litvinov is an Assistant Professor and Director of Dermatology Research at McGill University. Dr. Litvinov earned his Ph.D. degree in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and his medical degree at McGill University. Dr. Litvinov also completed his dermatology residency training at the McGill University Health Centre. Dr. Litvinov is serving as the Regional Director (Quebec) of the Canadian Dermatology Association, as the President-Elect of the Skin Research Group of Canada and as the board member for Canada at the International Society for Cutaneous Lymphomas.

Dr. Litvinov’s directs a translational research laboratory within the Cancer Research Program of the MUHC-Research Institute studying cutaneous lymphomas, keratinocyte carcinomas and melanoma. He leads a hematology-dermatology multidisciplinary clinic at the Glen Site of the MUHC. He also co-directs skin cancer diagnosis and treatment clinic for Solid Organ Transplant Recipients. Dr. Litvinov, working in concert with other MUHC physicians provides tertiary dermatology care to patients with complex skin conditions. Dr. Litvinov’s research program is supported by several grants from the CIHR including a Project Scheme Grant to study cutaneous lymphomas, a CIHR Catalyst Grant to study melanoma epidemiology and risk factor modification and a joint CIHR-Cancer Research Society grant to study keratinocyte carcinomas. Dr. Litvinov received the 2020 CIHR Early Career in Cancer Prize for his research and the 2019 President Cup Award to his contribution to dermatology.