Dr. Dusan Sajic

Dermatologist, Toronto, ON

Dr. Sajic is a board certified (Canada and USA) medical and cosmetic dermatologist at derma Skin Institute. He is also an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicne, Adjunct at McMaster University, as well as an Associate Investigatory with Probity Medical Research.

Dr. Sajic completed medical school at the University of Western Ontario and his 5 year residency in dermatology at the University of Toronto.

During his residency he won the prestigious Women’s Dermatologic Society Mentorship award to study at the Stem Cell Institute at the University of Minesota. He also was awarded the young investigator award by the Canadian Dermatology Foundation.

He is the author of several clinical and research papers and continues to be active in research and clinical trials. He is also involved in teaching Medicne and Dermatology Resident Physicians at both McMaster Univeristy and University of Toronto.

In his spare time he loves to Row, Kayak and play Basketball, as well as take his young family of five on wild goose chases.

As an avid photographer, he will often try and capture these adventures with his trusty Canon camera. After all, it’s a delicate balance of capturing the moment and living in it.