Dr. Carolyn Jack

Dermatologist, Montreal, QC

Carolyn Jack, MDCM, PhD, FRCPC is a Clinician Scientist and Assistant Professor at McGill University, McGill University Health Center-Glen, and Investigator, Infectious Diseases and Immunity in Global Health Program at the RI-MUHC.

Dr. Jack was awarded a Ph.D in Microbiology and Immunology for her work characterizing human T cell polarization and Toll-like receptor functional expression at the Montreal Neurological Institute. She completed her medical training with an MDCM at McGill University, and specialized as a Dermatologist at McGill University, becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada in 2017.

Dr. Jack has contributed to our knowledge of autoimmune skin diseases with publications in the Lancet and the British Journal of Dermatology, developing expertise in immunophenotyping cutaneous T cells in the context of dermatitis and in targeted therapies. Her research focuses on characterising populations of resident memory T cells present in inflammatory cutaneous disorders with a focus on treatment with targeted therapies.