Dermatology Update 2016


Montréal, Le Centre Sheraton - NOVEMBER 3-6, 2016

“Debunking the facts and myths surrounding hormonal acne therapy” – a debate

Hormonal therapy is an important part of the tool kit physicians have to treat female acne patients.  This type of treatment may have been neglected due to controversies surrounding hormonal therapy and deep vein thrombosis.

This session in the form of a bantering between a dermatologists and an ob/gyn addresses questions or concerns dermatologists may have that will be clarified by the ob/gyn. The debate will be on:

  • Hormonal treatments on offer
  • Risks associated with hormonal acne therapy
  • Patient concerns regarding hormonal acne therapy
  • Breast cancer, weight gain, ethical and social concerns
  • Dermatologists concerns regarding hormonal acne therapy
  • Deep vein thrombosis, Papp test, hypertension
  • Patient profiles, and treatment/maintenance options


Dr. Benjamin Barankin

Dr. Benjamin Barankin

Dermatologist, Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Kimberly Liu

Dr. Kimberly Liu

Infertility Physician, Toronto, Ontario