Dermatology Update 2016


Montréal, Le Centre Sheraton - NOVEMBER 3-6, 2016

Anti-Drug Antibodies: So What?

In the last decade the management of moderate to severe psoriasis has been revolutionized by the introduction of increasingly effective biologics. However, some patients do not respond to treatment or lose their response over time. Immunogenicity is one of the issues considered in these patients.

After attending this plenary session participants will be able to:

  • Describe different immunogenicity assays used to detect anti-drug antibodies
  • Evaluate the impact of anti-drug antibodies and their clinical relevance

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Anti-Drug Antibodies: So What?

Dr. Kim A. Papp, MD, PhD

Probity Medical Research


Dr. Kim Papp

Dr. Kim Papp

Dermatologist, Kitchener, ON