Dermatology Update FAQ

Q. What is Dermatology Update?

Dermatology Update is a bi-annual meeting between dermatologists and pharmaceutical industries, founded by the late Dr. Stuart Maddin. It also provides a friendly atmosphere to learn the latest advances and practices from colleagues and other specialists that are relevant in your field.


Q. What kinds of topics are discussed?

Dermatology Update is focused on the latest advances in cosmetic and medical dermatology and a wide variety of topics are discussed. In recent years subjects have become wider in range, delving into rheumatology, epidemiology, and genetics at times, as guest speakers from other specialties are invited to share their perspectives and expertise. This provides dermatologists with an opportunity to broaden their education and will help in their own practices.

Q. What role do pharmaceutical companies play?

Pharmaceutical companies play an integral role at Dermatology Update as they help to support the cost of organizing this event, and contribute their expertise and latest findings with the dermatologists who will be using their drugs and treatments in helping patients. Many fruitful sessions are hosted by experts that work in the pharmaceutical industry, introducing new data, ideas, and discussions that will help dermatologists, and vice versa, making for a collaborative learning experience for all parties.

Q. Who are the speakers at Dermatology Update?

You can view the speakers and topics in the pdf schedule here. Generally, the schedules and speakers are available about 3 months prior to the date of the conference. You will likely recognize many of the speakers from other national and international conferences.

Q. What are the draws and attractions to Dermatology Update?

Aside from learning about the latest advancements in drugs, treatment techniques, and sharing valuable clinical experiences, many also enjoy the camaraderie among colleagues. Hailing across Canada, the US, and sometimes international locations, colleagues enjoy a weekend at a metropolitan location. Finally, Dermatology Update provides a unique opportunity to make contact with experts from the pharmaceutical industry and to learn their perspectives and to be on top of upcoming advances, treatments, and results.