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TORONTO 2010 mini


DU Toronto 2010 mini Schedule

February 5-7, 2010

7am -8amBreakfast
8am - 9:45amSession 1: Current Issues in Infectious Disease, and New Evidence for Management of Scalp Psoriasis among Various Racial Backgrounds2010-M1
9:45am - 10amCoffee Break 2010-M1
10am -11:45amSession 2: A New Optimized Treatment for Actinic Keratosis2010-M1
11:45am - 12:45pmLunch2010-M1
12:45pm - 2:30pmSession 3: Literature Update on Atopic Dermatitis, Skin Barrier Effect and the Filaggrin Story2010-M1
2:30pm - 2:45pmCoffee Break2010-M1
2:45pm - 4:30pmSession 4 Understanding your Male Patients: Grooming Issues you want to know about 2010-M1
7am - 8amBreakfast
8am -9:45amSession 5: Update and Current Issues in Acne2010-M2
9:45am - 10amCoffee Break 2010-M2
10am - 11:45amSession 6: Pso and PsA in a Biologic Era: Safety Considerations and Treatment Decisions 2010-M2
11:45am -12:45pmLunch 2010-M2
12:45pm - 2:30pmSession 7: General Session2010-M2

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